Tip 1

Always listen to your instructor. They are professional teachers who keep up to date with the forever changing world of safe driving

Tip 2

Remember the instructor's job is primarily to make you a safe driver, not to just pass your test. There is a difference!


All people take different time-scales to learn; this is a fact of life. If you take longer than your friend to learn, it should not matter. Keep your patience and keep positive!

Tip 4

Don't go by the cost of the Driving School. Remember, the more expensive the Driving School doesn't make it the best. Look for things like how often you see the Driving School on the road. It makes sense that the more you see them, the busier they are.

tip 5

Approach learning to drive with the right attitude. Want to be a safe driver. The roads can be a a dangerous place and when thing so wrong, it isn't just you that is affected. Listen and trust your Driving Instructor.

tip 6

Always ask to see your Driving Instructor's license. If it is either a pink (trainee instructor) or green (qualified instructor) license, they should have their name and photo on it with a valid expiry date. If a license is not displayed, they could be an unqualified and illegal instructor.