It all started when...

Byron School of Motoring was founded over 15 years ago in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire by A.D.I.'s Darren Ford and Philip Lovegrove.

Initially, Darren and Philip were franchising with another driving school. But through their hard work coupled with their friendly and professional approach, they were attracting customers by themselves.

Thus, Byron School of Motoring was formed! The name taken from Lord Byron, who lived in Nottinghamshire's Newstead Abbey.

The business went from strength to strength, that they soon attracted other Driving Instructors to become part of the Byron Family.

This eventually allowed Darren and his wife, Amanda, to move back to Amanda's home town in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, establishing Byron School of Motoring in the area. Philip and his wife's, Sandra, hard work to look after and continue to build the business in Nottinghamshire made this possible. Recently Darren qualified to become a driving examiner and at the moment we no longer cover South Wales.